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Where is pcv valve on a 2000 Dodge Gr.Caravan 3.0 ltre.v6

Hi guys!

Anyone know where you find a pcv valve on a 2000 dodge grand caravan? Or, to ask the question another way, is it in a bad spot where it is hard to get at and you have to take lots of stuff off to get at it? I had it to a mechanic and they said they weren’t sure but thought it was in the back and might take long labour cost to change. Fair enough, I said not to bother for now.

Still, I would really like to change it.

Related question, the two spark plugs on this engine are way in the back - some mechanics I talk to say that they can get at them without much difficulty with the right tools - others say it will take an hour just to get at them - I can see that they are in a really hard to get at spot - any thoughts?

BTW I really appreciate all the help I get here, I can’t believe the people who post such negative comments about this forum; well, maybe they are just trolls looking for a reaction.

I don’t know the 2000 3.0 engine so I can’t give you the specifics. However, the PCV is usually on one of the valve covers. Unfortunately for you I’ll bet its on the back valve cover against the firewall which just makes it really annoying to get to. I pulled one from an '01 3.3 once, and annoyingly enough it has a threaded valve (and this one happened to have been crossthreaded). Look all over the top of the engine for a relatively fat vacuum type hose - it will likely be solid plastic but may have a rubber coat on it. Follow any you find looking for one that goes to a fitting in the valve cover - that’s probably it.

For the back plugs - there are 3. Once again I’ve not done them on a 3.0, but they are usually accessible going up underneath from the rear of the engine. This is annoying, but not too difficult if one has a lift to put it on (which mechanics do). Sometimes there are different ways of getting at different rear plugs (e.g. sometimes you can go through a fender, or move the alternator out of the way, or…) Either way, there should be no major disassembly of anything else - an hour’s labor to change all of the plugs might be right - but certainly not an hour just to gain access.