i have a 2000 dodge caravan .itook it to get inspected and it failed code 610 .i had the computer reset but code is still there. how can i fix this .

what ? 610?(non existant)

how did you get the code?


i have freind put it on his machine that tells codes and resets computer

the excat error message reads p0601 internal control moduel memory check sum erreor


thats not a real code. PO300,EXAMPLE. I have the same tool my cost 8000.00,you need to get it read properly.

then POST back.


now your cookin.

the rest of the board will CHIME in.


thank u

That means the module is toast and needs to be replaced as I recall.

The computer has detected an error in it’s internal memory. First, I would try disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes and see if the problem clears. I doubt that it will work but it is worth a try.
Talk to a dealer and see if the memory can be re-loaded (reflashed) to fix the problem.

The next step would be new computer.