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P0601 Internal Control Memory Fault

My mechanic has diagnosed a trouble code P0601 (Internal Control Memory Fault) on my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. He and I feel the car is running fine. Do I need to get the PCM replaced (as I’ve been reading online) or can I drive it as is? I live in Florida and we don’t have emissions checks. Thanks, Linda

Have you had a problem with your battery lately? This fault is caused when the PCM loses serial data communication 6 times in a row. The normal fix for this is to replace the PCM. Sometimes it can be fixed by reflashing the PCM but if it returns then replacement of the PCM is warranted. It may be covered by emissions warranty. Check with your dealer.

8yrs 80,000 on the Fed emissions warranty,so you are out of range there. If all else is well and you simply want to maintain the warning ability that the check engine light provides then do something,otherwise drive with the light on UNLESS your car will not go into closed loop operation with this code present. Driving open loop will not give you good mileage and could cause damage to the catalytic converter.Perhaps the cost is not so high.

Perhaps I find some info about closed loop operation with a P0601 present

You can probably buy a flat-screen TV cheaper than a new PCM…If it drives okay, drive it…

What does your state do for Emission testing??

Here in NH…we test via the OBD-II. If there’s a code…IT WON’T PASS.