Pax Run Flat Tires

I hope I am posting this in the right place…I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring Edition with the Michelin Pax Run Flat tires.

Right now I am in need of 4 new ones at a cost of about $1300. Honda tells me that there is no other tire I can put on here unless I replace the rims at a cost of several thousand dollars. Other tire places treat me as if I am an imbecile when I give them the rim size since it is not the norm.

Please, can anyone help? Is there another tire I can put on this car? My tires are badly bald (most certainly illegal to drive on) and I just don’t have the money to lay out for this.

The horrible truth is no other tire is offered as this system is a failure and introduced by Michelin.

Personally I would visit the junkyard(auto recylers) and find a similar year non PAX Ody and buy the wheels with tires. You will have a TMPS light stuck on for the rest of the vehicle life but at least never face $1300 replacement costs.

I would forget the fancy looking rims. Generally the expensive alloy rims are not at strong as basic steel rims. I suspect you will be able to find steel rims to fit your car and you can buy inexpensive wheel covers and use stand type tyres.

That system was a bad idea from the start.

Try Tire Rack, The site lists 235/65R16 as the alternate size for the Odyssey. The site states the PAX system tires are only available through Honda. Tire Rack has 19 tires in this size from $100-$150 apiece

Tire Rack has steel rims at $54 and a few alloy rims for $100-120 apiece. You would have to talk to Tire Rack about how to handle the TPMS setup on the van. I have steel rims (OEM) and plastic wheel covers on my wife’s 2006 Sienna. Not as pretty as alloy rims, but a lot easier to take care of.

Good luck,

Ed B.

Call your local salvage yards and find a set of standard steel wheels that will fit your Odyssey. You may even have a choice of diameters, 15", 16", 17"… Normal Salvage price is $100/set of four…Take the wheels to a tire store and have set of tires installed. 15" and 16" wheels will provide you with the most tire choices and reasonable prices. You can buy a set of 4 wheel-covers at Walmart for $25…

Run-Flats…The only thing that gets run flat is your wallet…

Thanks everyone for the replies. You have given me some great suggestions that I will most certainly check into. I just can’t keep up with these tires anymore.

You may want to write to Honda. See if they have a replacement program for the wheel/tire combination. There may be a TSB out on this.

Honda had so many complaints about these wheels & tires that they started replacing them on the Odysseys with a conventional rim/tire combination when requested by purchasers.