Honda Odyssey PAX Tires

I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring model. I love the car - BUT hate the tires. The tires are those fancy Run-Flat, Self-sealing tires. Supposedly you can drive 50 mph for 125 miles on a “flat”. I was shocked when, after about 30k miles, I needed new tires. AND they aint cheap. Should I go ahead and replace them with the same ones or should I bite the bullet and replace the tire/wheels with the after market tires/wheels? Btw, this particular model does not come with a spare tire. If you are out in the middle of nowhere, you gotta be no farther than 125 miles from a Honda dealer - and hopefully he has the PAX tires in stock. What was Honda thinking!!!

I think Honda realizes this may not have been the greatest idea.

Personally, I’d replace them with aftermarket traditional wheels and tires.

How much will a new set of OE tires set you back? I know what Honda was thinking, “what a great marketing device”.

I was wanting to do the same thing. I got a screw in the corner of one tire, right on the edge of the tread and the sidewall. The tire cost $240 to replace and only the dealer could do it. Other tire stores didn’t have trained people or the equipment to do it. I have approx 24K miles. So before all of them need to be replaced, I am researching wether aftermarket regular tires and rims can be put on. The dealer said they wouldn’t do it, and that the suspension is dialed in to the run flat rims and tires, but I think it can be done. You lose the pressure monitoring, which is neat, but not that big of a deal.

Has anyone done this conversion? If so, who did it, and what size rims were used?


At OVER $200 per tire AND lasting ONLY 30k miles…Get rid of them and replace with regular wheels/tires. Find a place for the spare…Maybe an outside tire carrier…It will be FAR cheaper in the long run.