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De-paxing Michelins - 2006 Honda Odyssey

I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey w/ the Micheling run flats that have the PAX system. I want to change to get flat tires (Michelin just settled a lawsuit over the PAX system-too much to get into on this board), but I would like to salvage the TPMS sensors for the current rims and use them on the new rims I buy. I have two questions:

- Can conventional equipment at a local tire store remove the existing TPMS sensors from my current wheels?

- If I need to buy new TPMS sensors, I have heard that they will set in Hondas with out needing to be reset by the dealer (as opposed to say, a Toyota, which my local tire dealer says that NEW TPMS sensors always need to be reset by the dealer in Toyotas). Is this true?

Thanks for the help