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When replacing PAX tires, how HEAVY should the wheel be?

I’m planning to replace the Michelin PAX Run-Flat tires on my 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring Model. I’m told this car is all tricked out – strut tension set just so, or whatever – to maximize the benefits of these tires. And these tires are HEAVY.

Should I strive to replace these tires with comparably heavy tires? For example, should I get steel wheels instead of alloy?

PAX tires have a 28" diameter on a roughly 17" wheel. Does it matter how large the replacement wheel is, so long as the tire is still 28"? (A standard Honda Odyssey uses a 16" wheel, and it’s easier and cheaper to find tires for 16" wheels than 17" wheels.)


You need to replace them with tires/wheels that match the overall diameter. I’d get on the phone with Tire Rack, have them send you a complete set of appropriately-sized tires and wheels, mounted and balanced, with tire pressure monitors installed.

I wouldn’t worry about the weight.


Is there some magic in getting my car to recognize the new TPMS sensors?

By reducing the “unsprung weight” (the weight of the tires & wheels, combined), you will actually improve both the ride quality and the vehicle’s handling. There is no advantage whatsoever to using heavier tires/wheels, and there are many disadvantages.

Tire Rack should be able to help you with the TPMS question. There also might be some information in your owners manual.

And @VDCdriver is exactly right, lighter is better.

An alternative might be to see if a dealer or a wheel store has an appropriate set of Honda ‘take off’ wheels (non-PAX) that would fit.

Are rims for run-flat tires different than regular rims?
If so you’ll need new rims to go with regular tires.

The PAX uses special rims. It was developed, then abandoned, by Michelin, kind of like they did with the TRX tires of the '80s. Here’s more info:

The only real advantage to having the PAX system on this van is the run-flat capability. Since it’s the same setup basically as on the Rolls Royce Phantom tires and wheels are more expensive compared to an EXL Odyssey of the same year. Tire-Rack does not appear to handle the PAX tires and you would need to find either Stock 16" wheels or alloys to go with conventional tires of the same overall diameter of the ones you have now. The wheels were very heavy with a special disc around the wheel to support the van on flat tires for a certain distance, similar idea to what armored cars have been using in the

I have seen several sets of used pax wheels on CL for free. Talked to tire shop about dismounting the tires so I could scrap rims and they said GO AWAY. The tire techs hate dismounting the tires.