Repair Convertible Soft Top?

My Camaro convertible’s soft top (and headliner) got vandalized. They were slit with something like a knife. About a 2 inch straight cut above the driver seat. Is it possible to repair it?

You could use 2-inch wide tape to temporarily fix it, it that won’t last long. You might consider sewing it together first. Stretching from lowering and raising the roof would likely pull the tape off quickly. I’d use your car insurance to help pay for the repair if you can.

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A convertable shop can look at it and give you a real answer . If you have full coverage insurance at least see what you insurance says.


About 15 seconds of “Googling” produced this result (and several others) for my area:

The OP should be able to locate a convertible top repair shop in his area by using the same type of effort.

Duck Tape, underneath patch and flexible glue, stiched patch …but the only solution that will last and look right is replacement

If it’s any consolation I’m guessing the ragtop is about 15 years old now, if so it’s nearing replacement time anyway.

This is the 2018 that this person had a vibration problem and never returned to tell if it was fixed.

Putting ( How to repair a convertable top ) in Google would also show many atricles and videos showing just how it might be done .

The web has many faults but it is a great source of help for doing things . I used it the other day for tips on cutting plexiglass to size on a table saw.