Passing the Buck

How does one get deer remains off of the bottom of one’s car? We are tired of the cooking meat smell and worried about damage to the car.

Somebody’s gonna have to get wet.

Car up on a hoist.
Person wearing a full suit like painter’s coveralls or fireman’s coveralls plus face shield.

Use a high pressure wash wand under there to get all the venison.

Thanks. We will work on finding a hoist. Any recommendations?

You might be able to convince (or pay) your local auto shop into letting you use thiers. Or you can purchase some ramps (usually about a foot tall), lay down on the ground and get ready to get dirty.

Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs, Discovery channel.

Or, ask a detail shop and tell them the dirty job truth of what needs done.
Much is already baked on and will need scraped or brushed off to complete the job.

What’s for dinner ?

The “funniest” thought that I have about this situation is that my fiancee is a vegetarian and animal lover. She has been continually devastated every time we go on a long drive. Hence, I am determined to rid us both of this ongoing odor.

Last year, a Lincoln in our shop. Repair order states only ‘‘hit something in road, check for alignment and undercarriage damage, check red fluid leak.’’

‘red fluid’ was NOT transmission fluid !