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Car/Deer Collision

I had a car/deer collision end of October 2008 and am still trying to rid the car of rattles coming from the steering column. The car is a 2006 Pontiac G6. My car was repaired by a reputable body shop (fixed and returned to me the day before Thanksgiving 2008). I returned often regarding the rattles. After much looking and checking (and many, many appointments), they referred me to a dealer. The GM dealer replaced many things, but the rattle still persists. Just this week I contacted my insurance company and they sent out a claims rep. He heard the noise and referred me back to the original body shop. They had my car for one day, hooked it up to microphones, did this and that, etc…diagnosis: the rattle is coming from the steering column, but they can’t, or don’t know how to fix it. AGAIN they referred me to a GM dealer. I have an appointment next week. I am at my wits end trying to resolve this problem. I just want my car restored as it was before the accident. Hopefully, someone out there has a clue or two! By the way, I’m a female, but always maintain my car with timely oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections and the like. Hopefully someone can assist! Sign me desperate in MI. Thanks!

Unfortuantely these type of things can be awful to isolate. Sound can propogate through parts and come out in a spot remote from it’s origin.

Fortunately, you have the insurance, the body shop, and the dealer all in agreement that your complaint is legit and they’ve isolated it to a specific assembly, the steering column. All you can do now is keep pushing until they get it repaired.

How’d the deer make out?

Hoping your time and patience is rewarded, I think waiting for the dealer analysis is about your best bet. Be sure you tell them the whole story while you are there (tears wouldn’t hurt), and did you get to keep the deer? A few guys going out hunting found a steaming 20 pointer alongside the road, made their day!

I’ll keep pushing! I am sticking with the same body shop and dealership. Many people jump around from one to another when a problem can’t be solved, but I think it’s best to keep the history going…I like the body shop and the dealership. The deer did not make out well…about three minutes after I hit her (a very mature doe), another car came along and hit her again…I was amazed there wasn’t another accident…the driver didn’t even stop. I hope she ended up in someone’s freezer though! Thanks for your comments.

Thanks for your comments. I am also hoping my time, and especially my patience, will be rewarded. Believe me, everyone knows the entire story, as I have been a “regular” at the body shop and dealership for over a year now. I can tell the story in my sleep! I didn’t keep the deer, but I hope the guys that helped drag her off the highway returned for her. This thing is beyond tears! Again, thanks!

If the noise is in the column then the insurance company should have the shop install a used column, if it is related. It’s not hard to do.