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Passenger Window/Weird Fuse Readings

Hey everyone, I have an 03 Nissan Pathfinder and here is what I’m working on

Passenger front window not working
passenger back window not working
power locks not working

The fuse for the windows is in the main fuse box but check this out, no fuses in that box are lighting up with a test light yet nothing except what is listed below is not working. Any idea why?

Can this issue with the fuse box be the reason for the problems above? I was thinking maybe the window motor since there isn’t even sound when I use the window switches.

Help please

Fuses don’t light up.

Well, they do when they blow.

Remove the fuses and see if any are blown.


I meant they didn’t light up a test light **

I did replace the window fuse with a new one and the same problem remained. I think there isn’t enough voltage getting to main fuse box. Not sure

For a blown fuse to “light up” with a test light, it has to have power. So if no power it getting to the fuse for some other reason, like the switch is not turned on, you will not get a light, fuse good or bad.

Best is to remove the fuses and check them with an ohmmeter.

With the ignition set to “ON” all of those fuses should light up a test light. You need to check both sides of each fuse. A blown fuse will still have poser to one side on the fuse.

If the fuses are good, you most likely have a broken wire where the wire loom passes from the kick panel area to the inside of the door. These wires are run in a flexible tube like cover, and because these wires are flexed each time the door is opened and closed…they are more likely to break there.


The fuses under the dash light up with the test light but nothing with the fuses under the hood. It’s like they’re not working yet they must be…

Why do you think none of the fuses under the hood are lighting up?

Either your test light is kaput, you do not have a good ground (On your test light, or you do not have the ignition on.
Some metal objects under the hood do not make a good ground!!!


I used two different test lights - same reaction and the negative battery terminal was the ground so definitely wasn’t that.

I also used the positive battery terminal to make sure my test light was working

Anything else you could think of as the problem?