Passenger Side View Mirror Damage - Cost - 2012 Accord

Hi, I was backing out of garage and my passenger side view mirror got damaged. The plastic casing around the glass also got damaged slightly…
So i would have replace the whole unit probably.
Its not a heated mirror but is button controlled. This is for a 2012 Honda Accord Red/Maroon color.
Few questions:

  1. What is the approximate cost for this replacement?
  2. My insurance said that this would come under collision coverage. Is that right?
  3. Will this go into the car service records which get carfax & others provide?
  4. Will this impact the resale value of car? If yes, how badly will it impact?
    Please let me know.


  1. $350
  2. Yes but probably not anywhere near your deductible which I assume is $1000, maybe $500.
  3. Only if you claim this through your insurance.
  4. It’s a parking lot ding, I can’t see any significant impact on resale value.
  1. Depends if you do it or have a shop do it.
  2. Check with your insurance company, but it will most likely be less than your deductible. And might even raise your cost.
  3. Only if the shop that does it bothers to report to Carfax.
  4. Not at all. Unless you also damaged part of the door or frame.

Thanks asemaster, PvtPublic.

Your insurance company said the damage would be covered by collision part, why would you doubt that?

One time I rented a car and while backing out this happened to me too. But there was no damage at all. Miraculously, the mirror ass’y had a spring in it that allowed it to rotate out close to 90 degrees. I just pulled forward, and it returned to home base. I guess the car designers thought of this problem in advance. Just wondering, do any manufacturers still design their outside mirrors with that spring feature?

You can buy a mirror with the motor for $50. Just do a search for year an side and motorized. If it comes un-painted then you can paint it yourself. You could find one at a salvage yard the correct color.

To do it yourself? Use a light abrasive pad to scuff the shiny plastic. Prnime it with plastic primer. Paint it with the matching red. Then clear coat it with glossy clear coat. All can be found at the auto parts store

My Insight has spring-loaded mirrors. I think it’s because they stick out an inch or two more than “normal” mirrors (because the rear visibility through the “split” rear window is not that good).

I’ve got spring loaded mirrors on both cars I believe. I don’t run into anything but have a tendency to bump them in the garage hard enough for them to rotate. Don’t know how far they’ll go though and don’t want to find out.

As far as I know, all newer cars the mirrors will pivot by 90º and click into place in that (folded) position.