How to replace a side view mirror

Is it difficult for a so so mech to replace a side view mirror on 03 Toyota Highlander.??

Maybe, maybe not. I’ve replaced two, one on a Camry and one on a Civic, and they typically attach with three bolts of about 12mm. On the inside is a pop-on trangular plastic trim piece called a “garnish”.

The problem is that on some cars the inner door panel needs to be removed to access the bottom bolts and that can complicate the job unless you’ve removed door panels before.

Pop off the garnish and you should be able to get a feel for the project.

Hello ,
I rented a Volkswagen Jetta sedan 2019. Last day while I was driving, the driver side view mirror cap just blew away out of nowhere. I couldn’t stop the car as the road was busy. I turned around and came back to see it was all smashed up. I rented the car from Enterprise. They told they will go through the insurance and I have to pay the deductible. Do you have any idea how much it would cost to replace it. It’s just the hood/cap of the mirror. There is no damage for the mirror and it’s functions. Please reply.


No , and why do you care what it costs ? You will have to pay the deductible apparently . And I guess you did not notice that this thread was not about a VW Jetta problem.
I guess you might call the Enterprise corporate office and explain that you did not hit anything and don’t think you should have to pay anything.

If it just popped off, Enterprise should get it repaired under warranty. Clearly a factory defect.


Glad you are only on the hook for a deductable, I have heard of some rental companies also charging rental fees for time out of service.

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The mirror cover is about $60 plus labor. The complete mirror assembly without the glass is about $500.

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Look in your contract, the deductible should be listed there.

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How would the rental contract know what his insurance deductible is ? unless he used the rental companies insurance.

This part you broke is called a shell.The part is painted to match your car color.Part cost depend on the make,year of the vehicule but I assume the insurance will cover it since its a rental.

And they probably will, but won’t tell OP that as they bilk him for the “deductible.”