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Side View Mirror

Anyone have any idea how much it should cost (estimated) to replace a side view mirror on a 2000 Honda Accord EX? Just doing some research so I don’t get taken for a ride…

The cost will vary all over the map. My passenger side mirror on my Toyota is cracked, and the dealer wants $320 for the mirror and $120 for labor. That’s still less than my $500 insurance deductible.

A less expensive way for me to go is to find an undamaged mirror from a wreck and have my own mechanic, who charges less, to istall it.

I’ve opted for even less , since only the casing is cracked, but it still operates. Since the casing is flat black I’ve wrapped some electrical tape around it and it’s invisible untill you look at it closely. Some day I may replace it.

Hope that gives you a range of options.

Do you need the whole mirror, or just the glass? You can get the glass replaced for not much at all. If you need the whole mirror housing I’d be shopping in a junk yard for a used one. A new one will be expensive.

It is not a side view mirror> You can see out the side perfectly well without usinga mirror. A rear-view mirror is called that because it gives you a view of the rear. It is simply a side mirror.
that said, the previous advice is 100% correcct.

$3-500 for a new one or $50 plus an hour labor for a used one.

I would use this as an opportunity to ditch the side mirror altogether.

Side mirrors create drag which hurts fuel economy.

Look into an interior mirror mounted on the door(s) which does just as well as an exterior mirror.

Check local laws if you must but you are in the clear…

I’ve had to do two, and I found the cost in VIP’s “crash catalog” (that’s what the guy called it) to be well below other sources, and the replacement was an exact match.

An unpainted mirror for my 96 would have cost me $120. I found one from a local junk yard for $50. Although, I know the price can be much higher if the mirrors are heated. It took no more than 5 minutes to install myself, and I have bare basic car knowledge.