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Passenger side motor mount on my 2005 Mazce3?

Hello CarTalk

The passenger side motor mount on my 2005 Mazce 3 is / has failed again and the dealer says I need to get it replaced for a second time. Is there an after market part for this?

Thank you for your time


Gordon, How Long Ago Was That #3 (Passenger - Side) Motor Mount Replaced ?

A Mazda Technical Service Bulletin dated 08/08/2007 replaces a previous bulletin dealing with #3 motor mounts failing (rubber broken) on 2004 - 2006 Mazda 3s (built before 05/08/2006). If your last mount was replaced prior to (on or about) 08/08/2007 then this could be the solution to your problem.

Mazda has made available a “revised” mount. The 2.0L takes a revised Mazda BP4S-39-060E mount and the 2.3L takes a revised B32T-39-060B mount. See if you’ve got the repair order from the previous mount replacement and compare dates and part numbers.

It sometimes takes manufacturers a while to see a pattern in the frequency of specific complaints / problems with certain parts on certain models. Then I’m sure it takes more time to come up with a fix and make parts available. I’d give the “new” genuine Mazda mount a try if you don’t already have one in the vehicle.

Please verify the information I’ve given you with a Mazda dealer before proceeding. Pleae let me know if this helps or if you need additional help or suggestions.