Motor mounts

how had is it to change the motor mounts on a 06 mazda 3

Since I’ve never changed any on a Mazda 3 I can’t say. However, the main mount on the timing belt side of the engine is usually the most difficult but that’s pretty much true of any car.

Just being curious here but why do you think you need to change the motor mounts? (plural)
Thumping, vibration, etc?
I’m trying to understand why the mounts (plural) on an '06 car would all be bad.

my daughter hit a large bump and the car has a vibration and sounds like a hole in the exhaust however i put the car on a lift at my local shop and i cant see a problem with the exhaust. just a guess on a mount. any other sugestions

Just motor mounts usually won’t make that kind of sound - maybe the flex joint between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust, or a gasket in the exaust system. But the mount(s) could be causing the vibration.

I doubt the problem is the motor mounts. Probably the best thing to do is to lift up one side of the car with jackstands so you can see the exhaust system, then start the car and plug the exhaust pipe with a rag (it won’t get hot for a few minutes). Then crawl along and listen, you should be able to hear a hissing if the exhaust is leaking. And to feel a stream of warm/hot air if you hold your hand a few inches from the leak. Obviously, you need to be careful not to burn your fingers or drop the car on yourself.

If it is the motormounts, they should not be that hard to change. If I recall, I had to remove one temporarily on our 2002 Protege when changing the timing belt. Wasn’t that difficult. Just required a jack to support the engine and a socket set to remove a few nuts and bolts.

Does this vibration only occur at idle or does it vibrate while moving at speed?
Does the engine appear to run fine other than this vibration?
Any noticeable damage anywhere on the suspension?

Just trying to determine if this is an engine performance or bent suspension/damaged halfshaft problem.