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Mazda maintenance expensive?

Is it true that maintenance for Mazdas are expensive? I’ve heard parts are expensive and hard to find. I’m considering a new or recent Mazda3. If I buy it, I’d keep it for many years.

By avoiding cars that have timing BELTS and / or valves that must be adjusted periodically, you can reduce or at least control the expected maintenance costs…

Mazda’s are popular cars and parts and maintenance should be no problem…

New or recent Mazda 3s are comparative in maintenance costs to Corollas and Civics. And parts are plentiful.

The Mazda3 is not more expensive to maintain than any other comparable car. Enjoy.

I use to own a Mazda B2000 pickup. Never had to replace a lot of parts, but when I did I replaced them with aftermarket parts from the local Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, etc. instead of OEM, prices were comparable to the cost of other makes/models.

I own an 11 yr old Mazda MPV (172K miles), and it has not been expensive to repair. Very few required repairs. Have used after market parts exclusively in the necessary repairs.

OEM Mazda parts may have been hard to find in the last year, but that is most likely due to the earthquake in Japan. The same could be said for any car manufactured in Japan. As the parts manufacturing plants come back on line, the shortages will go away. They may have disappeared already. And as FordMan1959 said, many aftermarket parts are available. If you pick a common model, you won’t have problems.

I’ve owned 2 Mazdas, and they have been good, reliable machines. There are some parts shared with some Ford products, in the mechanical areas. If you want to save money, the obvious choice is a set of Craftsman tools, a service manual, learn to use Google, and buy some nitrile gloves, then get to work. I can’t believe what people pay for “tune-ups” and inspections and minor service jobs.

The Mazda 3 is Mazda’s best selling car. My son has a 2004 model, and aside from brakes it has had no repairs. Parts are readily available and comperable in price to other Japanese cars. If you buy a Volkswagen you will have expensive maintenance and parts.

The Mazda 3 has a timing CHAIN which will last at least 250,000 miles. My wife is getting a new car this fall and it will be a…Mazda3!!!

Some people think that Mazdas have rotary engines. They haven’t them in years except in the RX7 or 8. Japanese car parts used to be more expensive and some still are but it isn’t enough to matter to most people. You have to judge the people who tell you these stories. Their EXPERIENCES may count for something if they had any. Their rumor gathering may count for very little.

Frankly if you want to save money, just make sure you do the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer and don’t try and skimp on it.

The other recommendations here are also important and worthy your consideration.

All things considered however I believe will show that most cars are not all that much more or less expensive when you look at all the cost of owning a car. [original cost, recommended maintenance, fuel market value etc.

I had the thought that Mazda parts were expensive also - I was told this 15 years ago by a neighbor who had a car shop. So, when I was looking for my new car I had not considered Mazdas. However, the car I was replacing was a 2001 VW Passat wagon with 160K miles on it. In the middle of my car shopping, with VW Golf or Jetta Sportwagon being under consideration I suddenly slapped myself on the forehead. Why worry about Mazda repair costs when I was looking at VWs??? Hello! So, I went to the Mazda dealer after test driving the Golf, drove a Mazda3 hatchback and found that I liked it just as well as the Golf, and I preferred the Mazda seats. I ended up buying a Mazda3, knowing that the repairs couldn’t cost more than VW repairs, and confident that there would be far fewer of them. I have 12K on my Mazda now and I love it.

I have had several Mazdas–currently have a '92 Miata and an '87 B-2000. Didn’t have to buy a lot of parts for any of them. Thinking of buying an '09 Mazda 3. Does anyone know when they went to a timing chain, or has the Mazda 3 always had it?


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You can do the experiment yourself. Ask your mechanic what it would cost to do the following common repair services, comparing a Mazda to a similar Honda or Toyota.

  • Replace radiator.
  • Replace front brake caliper and rotor.
  • Replace front brake pads.
  • Replace front and rear axel bearings.
  • Replace half shaft.
  • If automatic, rebuild the transmission.
  • If manual, replace the clutch.

If your mechanic refuses, says it will take too much time, you could either pay him for his time, or just check out the parts cost for these jobs on a web site like Rock auto.

Also Consumer Reports has life of car cost data in their New and Used car books. You could compare Mazda to other makes.

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