Passenger door won't close

For the second time the passenger door on my '95 Dodge Caravan will not close. One day it’s working fine and the next morning it bounced open when attempting to shut.This happened about a month ago and we concluded some one had hit the area of the door hinge with their auto without notifying me, evidenced by a small dent previously not existing. It is not a stuck handle. The door hits too low when closing it, some how the alignment is off. The guy I took it to the first time put a board between the door frame and door and aligned it that way. He also moved the position of the latch on the inside door frame. It has worked fine since. What could have made it go out of alignment again? Is it safe to just apply a board on my own & try to fix it? My ex says I need to go to the junk yard and get a door and take it somewhere to be put on. Advice? Suggestions? Please & thank you.

I would suggest checking with your insurance company.  They may be willing to repair it for free and not increase your rates.  If not they may be able to suggest a body shop who will fix it right.

You may need new hinges or hinge pins. It sounds like the door is sagging, possibly due to age. If there is any up and down play in the door, it’s probably the pins. I had this problem with my 2000 Blazer and paid about $150 (mostly labor) to get the pins replaced a few years back.

Ed B.