Alinging a car door after replacing

What is a tip or trick to align a car door after replacing one.

At the factory, the door is held in a jig as the bolts are tightened so you have to get it pretty close to begin with…Explain the mis-alignment now…Is the door to low, to high, to far forward or backward, what?

It’s to low and slightly hitting the fender

You will need a floor jack and a 12" chunk of 4X4 lumber…With the door as near closed as possible, position the jack near the back edge of the door…Place the 4X4 between the jack pad and the bottom edge of the door…Jack the door up slowly and carefully. Remove the jack frequently and check the fit. Keep tweeking until it closes properly…Don’t get carried away…if it’s hopeless, have a body-shop align the door for you…It’s cheaper than buying another door…

It could be the hinges are just plain wore out. With the door open about 6 inches see if there is play by lifting the the latch end of the door.

Hey Caddyman, The car jack trick worked. Thanks for the solution!!!