Passat will start, won't go


I have a 1999 VW Passat (automatic transmssion) that has given me not a moment’s trouble. After the horrible storms this week (in Chicago), I discovered that my passenger side, front and back, had about two inches of water in the foot wells. The trunk and driver’s side are totally dry. After I bailed out the water, I tried to move the car to get it out of the way of any more possible bad weather. The car starts fine, and all the electrical parts work. But the gear shift won’t move out of Park, and the light on the dashboard that reads PRND won’t light up. Then the Engine Oil Light started to flash. What’s wrong? Help, please!

Can we assume it got flooded by high water?  If so you should check with your insurance company.  Those floods tend to do many nasty things to cars.