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VW Passat 2000, 20v.turbo Trans/Electric ? Prob.. Sell/fix/trade?

So heres my story
Get Front /Rear Axil seal replaced
Electrical Trans Probs
Starting in Second/third gear
Water in Passanger Side and computer sitting in harness there
800$ mechanic dries out comp/wiring with heat gun, puts weep holes
Car Works Great, even dash comp is showing all the things!
2 Day later, Problems start again - Seems to be starting in 2nd,
Dash Comp all Red
Error Codes:
-(trans mod. coolant temp)

Ideas? Thanks! I hear these models are known electrical nightmares

Water leakage ?
The problem is the drains in the engine compartment - there’s one under the brake fluid reservoir and another under the battery , If they are clogged the water will wind up under the carpets and mess up the electronics . This problem haas been known for years and if your mechanic didn’t fix the drains you need a new mech .

After addressing the leak problem, what must be done to get the car running again? I have been told the “computer”(what I assume to be the ignition control module) needs to be replaced along with a new wiring harness. I have also been told I could jump the starter to get it running to drive it to my mechanic. Does this sound doable? And how would I go about jumping the starter?

The computer problem is likely the computer located under the drivers seat . The repairs for this situation may well exceed the value of your car .