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Passat vibration in Drive or Reverse

2002 Volkswagen Passat 4 cyl 1.8T Automatic 85000 miles

So here is my story. I had an oil sludge problem and the dealer did a fix on it as part of an extended warranty service bulletin. Then I had my axles and brakes redone at an independent repair shop. Right after these repairs I noticed a significant vibration when the car is stopped and the gear is engaged in drive or reverse. It doesn’t vibrate in part or netural. The revs don’t change.

The dealer said they replaced and then reinstalled my axles and engine mounts in an effort to fix the problem. Strange thing is that they didn’t tell me this until much later. They said that it didn’t fix the problem.

They just did a cleaning to see if carbon build on the valves. Still no change.

So any ideas what I should do now! They VW factory rep has been brought in and they seem to want to fix the problem.

Thanks very much.