VW Passatt Issues

My mechanic repaired my Passat and when I got it back it makes a sqeaky/rattling sound on right, especially when in reverse. Mechanic claims its a piece on my transmission and the only way to rid of noise is to replace entire transmission.My prob is that the noise didnt start til after i got my car back. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Also, does anyone know of any VW specialist in metro VA/DC/MD area trustworthy?

Just a couple of questions. Year, mileage, automatic/manual? What was the nature of the repair? Does the rattle occur when the car is stopped, moving forward, does the sound change at different speeds? Hopefully with more info, the more experienced members of the forum can help.

Ed B.

Thank you! Thank you! This is all necessary information that is needed before we even throw out any guesses. As for the mechanic question, check the Mechan-x-files section of this website, or search the web for VW forums that may be more helpful.

My year model is 2000 and milage 115K. The rattle sound appears when i mostly start stopping. and the sound does not change at diff speeds. i know its not a sqeaky brake noise…moreso like a squeaky mattress sound when i begin to stop…thanks for any help!

Also, it is a automatic.

What repair work did your mechanic do to the car?

he changed the axal, front right steering, and brakes…but the noise has increased. he claims the only way to get rid of the noise is get a new transmission…a lil concerned bc the noise wasn’t this horrific til after i got my car back…does this sound legit?

You might try having Volkswerks in Falls Church take a look at it. I’ve had good luck with them.