2002 Passat Engine Problems

Bear with me, I know nothing (really, nothing) about cars. I own a 2002 Volkswagen Passat. I’ve had extensive problems with it in the past. It’s last stint in the shop was in July, so imagine my suprise when, twice this week, as I was driving, I heard an extremely loud roaring noise coming from my engine (the noise, to an untrained ear, sounds like possibly the normal roar of the engine, but increased in intensity more than 10 fold). To me, it also felt like the car was suddenly weighed down with tons and tons of lead; I could barely accelerate but the brakes were more jerky (responsive) than ever. I’ve had horrible luck with the VW dealership in my town and also the one shop that works on VWs here. I’m just scared to take it in, without knowing at least a little bit about what I might possibly be dealing with. Please help! any insight would be much appreciated! thanks!

Define what horrible luck means with the VW dealership and shop that works on VW’s.

If the transmission is in gear (automatic, I assume), the engine is revving, and the car doesn’t wove the way it should the problem could be the transmission. Describe the problem differently if you can. Did I summarize the symptoms correctly?

I’ve mysteriously had to replace my engine mounts and other parts 4 times in less than 4 years.

Yes, it’s an automatic transmission. I’m not sure how else to describe it…hmm. it’s almost like it decelerates (is that a term?) and the noise is very, very loud and unlike anything i’ve ever heard.

That has nothing to do with the shops themselves. Passat’s unfortunately do not have the greatest repair record.

Your symptoms should be obvious to either place. I am not sure what “good luck” is defined as in your world. However older cars especially VW’s require repairs and maintenance. Unfortunately they are a bit pricey.

that seems like a bit of an unnecessarily testy answer. I understand that VWs have lots of trouble with maintenance and repairs, and I admitted in my original post that I don’t know anything about cars. But from what I’ve gathered, engine mounts aren’t typically that routinely replaced. thanks for your…help?

Has the CEL come on? I would check mine for codes anyway. Some auto part stores will do it for free. Assuming that goes nowhere and I don’t expect it really will, then follow through with the recommendations above. However I would look for a good independent mechanic that knows a little about VW’s.

The few Passat owners with your vintage car I know all unfortunately complain of changing engine mounts. Apparently it is common.

Did those garages replace the same parts 4 times over? Then I agree be wary.

My only advice is clearly explain without emotion or extra detail the problem. Also demostrate it if possible with the service tech. Self or internet diagnosis is good to keep in the back of your mind but keep your lips tight until they diagnose. Otherwise you can throw off the “expert” opinion. Afterwords use your knowledge to ask the right questions before diving into a repair.