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Parts yard deal

Pretty good haul for $50 there OP. Good for you, and thanks for sharing the fun with the rest of us :slight_smile:

yard has 50% sale on black friday

They should give away free hotdogs and soda to bring in more customers on their sales days … :wink:

I think you’ve got it backwards, George!

At pick-a-part, 1/2 price weekends is when all the vendors come out . . . to SELL the customers their wares at full price. Tools, tacos, sodas, etc.

And you wouldn’t believe how jam-packed the yard is on those days. Unless you’re waiting at the gates well BEFORE they open up, you’ll have a hard time finding a parking spot at all. And it’s a big lot.

Actually, on regular-priced weekends, that’s when there are less customers. And it’s no wonder, because the prices only make sense on 1/2 price weekends. Their regular prices are more than I’d be willing to pay for used parts. I’d consider buying from rockauto, or looking on ebay,before paying the regular price, depending on what the part is