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Parts yard deal

local boneyard has a deal this weekend. $50 all you can carry. i do need a car door which is about $45 normally. trying to think what else i need. limit 4 alum wheels though. you can carry 2 wheels easy enough. but more is hard. they said you can use a rope sling to tie 4 rims together.

If you’ve always wanted winter tires, this could be the time to get the rims for them on the cheap. Carry them over one shoulder and the door with the other arm. Need headlights or tail lights? Can you use a big canvas bag to carry parts?

i have a taurus with the ford only radio bezel. i saw an aftermarket radio last week. maybe its still there? maybe it works? its all you can carry for 20ft. you can use a rope and tie stuff together. maybe a big shoulder bag for athletic gear? i have a fewporter

Back when we had a local auto talk radio show, one of the sponsors was the U pull lot. They had their all you can carry sales too and the host of the radio show laughed and commented that one guy carried a whole engine out by himself. I don’t know how a person would carry more than a door at one time though. Those things can be heavy depending on how far you have to carry it.

Is bringing a wheeled pull cart allowed?

You only have to carry it for 20 feet. Just rig up some rope with padding for the shoulders. Could easily do 4 rims or a couple doors, maybe all at once. You’re lucky, I’ve never been to any good salvage yards in CT or NH. The few I’ve been to are ridiculously expensive.

I don’t see why not if you are willing to carry it.

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I’ve been to two different ones. They had wheelbarrows available to put your tool box in and wheel the parts back. No idea what happens with the all you can carry deals though.

A Mount Everest Sherpa could carry an engine and a transmission.

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its all you can carry in 1 trip for 20 ft. door would be fairly easy if i can get a 12v battery in to jump motor to lower glass. than i can use the door frame as shoulder strap

two 6v lantern batteries in series would do that job.

About the only things I can see making any sense for this deal are expensive electronics, a few replacement carbs, a FI setup or perhaps a nice tilt steering column complete with a fancy wheel for one of my hot rods.

Meet my friend Brontosaurus Bill, he’ll be transporting my selections for me…

One of those portable jump starts would work too but then you have to carry that out too.

How about a battery for a portable drill, 18 v would work wonders for a short while.

Door barely fit in trunk.

I thought you were getting two doors? Looks like an armful anyway.

ha, funny thing. i had noway to get door home easily. kinda like putting a square peg in a round hole. how do you get a door inside the same vehicle? i did manage to wedge the single door into my trunk opening. 2 doors? aint gonna happen. so i got 2 door panels which i needed along with the one good door.

I was expecting to see something like this-


or this:


they also had a 2 man carry for 2x$50. i saw a pair moving a full size pick up box with stuff inside it. quite a few guy hauling 4 wheels. they had no core charge for alum wheels which was nice. usually it is $15. did not see anyone hauling a motor.

I hefted an engine once; fully assembled, too. Of course it was an 1100cc Austin engine.