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Parts on line


Wow, a hundred bucks just for mentioning something! It’s either a joke or somebody’s not getting enough fiber in their diet.

Most of the year, around here, we don’t drive enough to ever need a mechanic. However, when/if we go back north I sometimes use a mechanic (actually I have two I use) when I don’t want to get under a jacked up car. I handle everything with topside access.

I can’t be the only person in a very rural area as I am when I’m up north. My preferred mechanic, retired from a GM dealership after 30+ years as a mechanic, has a two-hoist (two-lift, to some of you) shop at his house ten miles from my nearest town. He charges labor prices about half of a dealership.

He doesn’t get parts delivered and he or his wife have to got to town to get parts, a PITA (some roads aren’t all that great). I drive 20 miles to my nearest town, grab parts I order online, at a discount, or order from Rock Auto, and take the parts and my car an additional 10 miles, through town, to his shop.

He doesn’t mind my supplying parts, in fact he welcomes it.

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