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Parts / service warranty

previous owner of my van had the AC condensor replaced. I have his paperwork for the repair and the part has a lifetime guarantee. however, the dealership that did the work says the guarentee does not transfer to me. Am I out of luck? Or are they lying?

If that’s the policy and it’s in writing… you are out of luck.

Does it say it’s non-transferrable on the small print? Regardless, the parts are typically the cheap aspect of an AC repair.

my invoice reads “lifetime guarantee (in this case, for the AC condenser) applies for customer pay repairs on that part”. I do not understand the wording of this phrase?

You are NOT the customer who paid for the parts.

When YOU buy parts, YOU get a warranty. In this case, the warranty follows the cutomer, not the parts. . . .Here’s a possible loop hole if you know the previous owner, make a deal with them to arrange for the repairs in their name under warranty.

Agree – the wording indicates the warranty is non-transferable. That’s a normal way of doing business for anyone.

The question is about new car warranties,my belief is all the manufactures new car warranties are transferable,to the best of your knowledge is that so?

new car yes, but the OP stated it was a parts ( condenser ) warranty. and, depending on brand , some new car warranties are only transferable for a fee.

That’s pretty much normal with anything you buy. You buy a house with a new roof or new furnace…chances are it’s NOT transferable.