Lifetime warranty

Back in the 70’s, I bought a new Accord and put 35,000 miles per year on it. I lived in a high-salt area, so exhaust systems failed frequently. At that time, Honda gave a lifetime warranty on replacement parts, without hassle. Does any current new-car manufacturer do that today?

Not aware of one off hand, they’ve learned how expensive that warranty can be, you can get a “lifetime” powertrain warranty included in the price at our local Honda dealer but those deals usually require you to only service the car there to keep the warranty valid.

With another look it turns out that Volvo has a lifetime warranty on parts provided you have the dealer install them. Honda does have some sort of limited lifetime warranty on mufflers but I don’t know if it covers rust through.

My concept of a lifetime warranty, it breaks, you try and replace it, lifetime;s over. Had laser level from mennards, lifetime warranty, it stopped working, sorry we can’t replace t because we don’t sell that model anymore, lifetime over

I’m pretty sure Acura has that for at least some items like exhaust. I remember reading that at some point in the past. I’m not sure what the requirements are. I suppose I could look it up.

My younger brother gave me a ‘sports’ watch (don’t know why; I don’t wear watches; I took off the wristbands and kept it in my bag). It came with a lifetime warranty on a litttle slip of paper. Years later it stopped working, even when I replaced the battery. I pulled the slip of paper out of my files, called the number, a gruff voice said, ‘Hello’, like he didn’t want to hear me. I expected the number now belonged to somebody else. I started to explain, he cut me off, asked, ‘Do you want a clock or a watch?’. I didn’t want either so went with honesty, said ‘watch’. I gave him my address. I got another watch. He did nothing to verify my ownership. I thought about giving out the number.