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Part Warranty Question

Hi All!

So I have a 2015 Cadillac ATS and back in October of 2019, I had a leak in my radiator. I brought it into the local Cadillac dealership and they said I needed to get my radiator replaced, so I went through with it and it costed me a pretty penny… (I’m a dip**** for not getting a second opinion, but lesson learned).

Anyways, fast forward a little over a year and I noticed my coolant was getting low incredibly quickly yet again, and confirmed that it is leaking because of a small puddle under my car in my garage, so I brought it back again to get checked out today.

Worried they’re going to say I need to replace my radiator YET AGAIN, and charge me a ton of money for it, so I’m wondering if anyone has ever experience this before? Considering they changed out my radiator last time, and its already leaking again, shouldn’t there be a warranty on the part?


The work that was done had a warranty period but they or times such as 30 - 90 days and a very few at 12 months . So even if it is the same problem the cost will be yours. You need to ask the dealer what is covered because they are the only ones with a real answer.

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It depends on the manufacturer.

But it doesn’t cover the cost for labor.


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General Motors offers a lifetime warranty on select parts;

Most automobile manufactures have a 12 month/12,000 on replacement parts and labor.


Good advice from all, but wait to make sure that it is the radiator doing the leaking, especially if they didn’t replace any hoses when they did the work. Hopefully it may not be as dire as the original part failing, although that isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

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If the front of the radiator has been punctured by a rock, that is not covered by the warranty.


Yeah lots of other places to leak from.

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It’s premature to panic. You say something is leaking and brought it back to be checked out. You are only WORRIED they are going to say it’s the radiator yet again without really knowing. You then state that “it’s already leaking again” without knowing for sure.

If they say it is the radiator again (assuming no damage from a curb, rock, or critter impact) then point out the info Nevada posted. No need to get the adrenaline going and blood pressure up just yet.


Hey All,

First off, thanks for all the feedback! I’m a first time user on CarTalk, and will for sure continue asking questions on here in the future.

Got a call back from the dealership this morning and the radiator was in fact the root of the the leak. Luckily, both the part and labor were covered by warranty (which thank you Nevada for your response too - I was going to bring it up if they didn’t!) so I really lucked out! Especially since I had ALMOST 20K miles added since it was repaired, and its been a year and 4 months since said repair.

Anyways, thanks again for the feedback all!



When you get your vehicle back keep all of the paper work and make sure you know what kind of warranty you have on the work before you leave the dealership. It seems that future work at this dealer might be worth the price even if it higher than some other shops .


sounds like a really decent dealer …