Interchangable parts

Does anyone know a website with a complete list telling about interchangeable parts with other car models or other cars of just different years? I have an 01 Suzuki esteem and need a new transmission coolant line and wanted to know if I could get one off of a 2002 Suzuki aerio because it looks close enough to the same? Also what would the problems be if I put one in that didn’t exactly fit right? I’m not very experienced with cars

Sometimes the part numbers are the same even between different stores. If the part numbers are the same you won’t need any other reference. Any (probably dealer) parts person should be happy to check those numbers. If you can put it on, it’s kind of perfect.

I noticed that Rock Auto lists all cars that use the same parts. This was on GM vans, and the manufacturer was the same. I don’t know if the same would be true for manufacturers using the same parts across different brands.

Transmission cooling lines are kind of generic, the length may change a little between models because the distance between the transmission and the radiator varies between models…But the fittings on the ends of the tubing will more than likely be the same. This tubing is usually aluminum and is easily “bent to fit”…

There is a company that specializes in cataloging interchangeable parts…Hollander Interchange Manuals, published annually…Some libraries and most salvage yards have them…

I would think a transmission shop, or a shop they know, could custom make you a set of lines.

Boneyards subscribe to a database with this information. There is allegedly also a publically available cross-reference parts database, but I’ve never seen it, so I can’t comment on it. I cannot remember the name of the company that operates either site. Perhaps some of the other guys here know the sites.