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Parts for old trucks

I am trying to find a radiator support for a 1983 or '84 Ford F250 four wheel drive 6.9 liter diesel. New parts are no longer available and there are no after-market parts. Does anyone know of a reliable source where I might get such a part that is not bent from being in a wreck, for example?

Hemmings Motor News.

Thanks to Hemmings and Dennis Carpenter for responding. Neither one has the part I need. Anyone else know where I might find it? Thanks.

Now try the third choice I gave you .
Not a url link, just type the web address in your search window ;
page 23, 80-96 Ford truck catalog.
or call them @ 800-LMC-TRUCK

Thanks for the suggestion. LMC has them only for gas trucks, not diesel. I have struck out at eleven sites, and one very helpfully checked and told me that a national locator listed none in the whole country. Anyone know of a REPUTABLE junk yard where I might try (and not get a bent or damaged part)? Thanks.

If all else fails, a good body shop should be able to restore yours or make a new one from scratch. ANYTHING can be fabricated if you are willing to pay for it…

Here is a complete truck…

Thanks. We are looking into getting the part of an old truck here, or fabricating. Mine is too rotted with ‘coast cancer’ from salt water to rebuild. The rest of the truck is in cherry shape, so I do not want to swap. Thanks though.

I will end the thread here, with many thanks to all who responded with suggested sites. Very much appreciated.

Next time you see the same type truck for sale, buy it as a parts truck, I feel something like this is just bound to happen again.