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Where can I find parts? 1968 Ford Ranchero

About two weeks ago I bought a 1968 Ford Ranchero. I have been trying to find parts for it but am having a bit of trouble. Does anybody know of a parts catalog for these trucks?

Also wondering what (if any) other 1968 Ford models had similar (aka ‘swap-able’) parts?

Specifically: The “only” parts missing from the truck is the entire heating and cooling system… so I need heater box and core, blower fan, mounting brackets for the ac compressor i got, etc. I do have some of the duct work for behind the dash. I would really like to find all of these parts as the car originaly DID have A/C, and of course heat…

Thank you for any help!! :slight_smile:

You’re going to have a problem but a couple of leads. One thing is to check sources and listings in Hemmings. French Lake Auto Parts (FLAP) near Annandale NW of the twin cities, specializes in old car parts. They have acres of old cars in the 50’s and up that most people crushed years ago. Just do a google and they would be worth a call. Little Dearborn Parts in Minneapolis, specializes in old new old stock parts for 50’s and older. Don’t know if they go this new or not though.

For a car like that, it would be worth a trip to the back to the 50’s car show in St. Paul in June. 10,000 plus cars with vendors, owners, etc. If you can’t get leads and sources there you’re out of luck.

I think that year of Ranchero was based on the Fairlane, but I don’t know how similar the fronts were or if the HVAC system would interchange or not.

Are you looking for Original or aftermarket? There are probably aftermarket parts available. Original is going to be a lot harder to find.

Greasy Jack is correct. From the rear window forward, it’s a Fairlane, and the HVAC parts should be exactly the same. Still hard to find, though.

Thank you for all of the replies!

To answer one question- No- I am not concerned about keeping the car original. I only bought it to have a unique “work truck” It will be a daily driver. One day it might get a full resto- but for now I just need it to work good and look decent.

And just an update - I have finished painting the car and am now trying to put all the chrome back on. My trouble pieces are the chrome strips around the bottom of the front windshield. There are no clips on the car or the strip- any idea how these attach to the car? I have ordered and recived some catalogs but none of then even mention windshield chrome…

Again- Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

What part of the country are you in? Reason . . . there’s a massive ALL-FORD car show in southern Pennsylvania at the Carlisle Fairgrounds . . . late May or early June (just checked . . . June 6th-8th). You’ll find anything and anyone who knows anything about Fords. Rocketman

BTW . . . if you still haven’t figured the windshield clip thing out by June . . . let me know and I’ll ask around at the All Ford event. I’m going to attend with a Ford nut friend of mine who flies in from Texas just for this event. I had a 69 Torino which is very similar, and a real breeze to work on . . . nice to hear about your Ranchero. What engine is in it? Tranny? How’s the body? Good luck! Rocketman