Parts for acura

is the parts for acura RL expensive?

Yes, all expensive, and some very expensive.

Yeah, but some are inexpensive…

rabis95, you are going to have to put a little more effort into your questions. At least one complete sentence including punctuation and proper capitalization would be good.

The Acura RL is a $50k car new, take a wild guess

rabis 95; in case you think there is a free lunch or that you can get something for nothing, like buying a high mileage Acura cheaply:

  1. If you buy a $50,000 car and keep it till the end of its life, you will spend $50,000 on maintenance and repairs. About one half of that will be parts, the other half labor. It’s as simple as that. However, an Acura maintained that way will last 350,000 to 400,000 miles. But it’s still $25,000 for parts.

  2. If you buy a loaded Honda Civic for $25,000 the same thing happens; about $12,5000 for parts and $12,500 for labor. The Civic parts may look the same, but they will cost about 1/2 the Acura price. Volkswagen does the same with Audi part, and even Porsche uses VW parts at inflated prices.

Luxury cars have luxurry parts prices, and the dealers charge luxury rates to maintain and fix them.

If you buy a poorly engineered $50,000 car, the same expenses apply, except that the car will only last 200,000 miles, so the cost per mile becomes excruciatingly high. Ask any Jaguar of Rang Rover owner.

If you thinking of stealing cars for parts, luxury cars are more rewarding.

Hope this answers your question.