98 Acura RL 175K miles needs transmission need suggestions

I am submitting this question because I am in need of help. My 98 Acura RL with 175k miles requires a new transmission/ used/ rebuilt whatever, I am a college student with limited to no money and have little to no knowledge of the maintainence history of this vehicle prior to my purchasing. My concern is the motor, fixing the transmission is not the problem I am just worried that if I fix the transmission - the timing belt will go, or the head gaskets with fail, along with other very significant costly repairs. Does anyone out there have any knowledge of the reliability of these essentially fancy hondas?! Should I invest in this car the 3000 required to fix the transmission when its supposedly worth 5000 running perfectly?! please help

Without knowing the maintenance history I’d be reluctant to invest much money in this car. If you don’t know when the timing belt was replaced last it is safe to assume it needs one NOW.

The RL is a reliable car, but repair costs can be high.

I wouldn’t pay $5,000 for a car with 175K miles, no matter who made it.

I would get an estimate to make sure that other crucial items are up to date including brakes, exhaust, timing belt, and tires and then assess. ANY car over 150k/8 years you are more likely than not to incur expensive maintenance and repair on any vehicle even golden Honda(Acura) or Toyota(lexus).

I have been in contact with the dealer and have a history of the repairs, mainly brakes, and egr cleanings etc. the timing belt was replaced at 89,364 & water pump - i already own this vehicle and am wondering the chances that something like a head gasket will go and make fixing the transmission a waste. The previous owner did not give me the manuals and books along with the car - but the service records seem consistent. What is the general consensus on the reliability of these? Cars.com has reviews from when the car was brand new but i am having a hard time finding current owner reviews. What do you think I should do?

The only estimate I have as of right now is the transmission this car was periodically maintained at the dealership with only a few major repairs done, like 75k service 100k service etc. I have done the brakes myself, exhaust is in working order, and the timing belt was changed at 89,364 according to the dealer (water pump included). Tires are brand new. I currently own the car and the problem im having is whether or not to invest the 3 thousand into the tranny not having any knowledge of reliability or other owners reviews. What in your mind should I do as a college student with limitied to no money, or knowledge about this car and its history?

The car is about due for a water pump/timing belt. I would get a quote from a trusty independent on that one. Its likely a $500-$800 maintenance item.

Don’t let the timing belt go past 180k as if it snaps you are back to a $2000-$3000 repair to the top end of motor.

Basically you need to put $3500-$4000 into the vehicle currently. In your situation I would move closer to college and walk. I lived/worked on campus during college and loved it.

I expect the timing belt change interval is 105000 miles, not 60k and not 90k. I have a 98 Accord and the interval is 105000 miles. Add that to your 89k miles and you should be able to drive for another 20k miles before the timing belt needs to be changed.