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Parts for 2002 Mitsubishi

Can anyone help me with finding a factory jack plug for an original radio in a 2002 Mitsubishi Gallant? Someone cut off the original plug to install an aftermarket radio which has caused major problems with speedometer. Shop claims it cant be fixed now unless take to dealer for very expensive computer replacement.

My daughter in laws car; she doesn’t have the money for major repairs and I am frustrated with trying to fix myself.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions from out there!

Get a replacement plug from a local wrecking yard, and splice it to your existing harness using quality connectors and shrink tubing.
Don’t have a local yard? Here’s a guy parting out an '02 Galant on eBay; this listing is for a deck lid but he sez you can email him about anything else on the car you need:

thanks for the research. we tried place in miamitown but were unsuccessful.

You rock!