Air Conditioning Mitsubishi Galant


have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant. I am having some trouble with my airconditioner. It works sometimes. Sometimes it blows cold air and then the next minute it will blow warm air. It has been to the dealer 3 times and to the local mechanic once. The problem is still the same. The first time I took it to the dealer they charged the system and put some dye in it. I took it back and I was told I needed seals. When they put the seals in they broke the condenser and they replaced it. No change in the problem. During a trip back from the beach the airconditioner worked for about 20 minutes and then didn’t work for 10 hours and then started working again for the last 3 hours. Took it back to the dealer and now I need a new compressor to the tune of about $1,000 with labor. I didn’t feel confident that they knew what they were doing and then took it to a local mechanic who discovered that the compressor was not fully pluged in. The same problem persists. It seems to work better when it is cooler outside. Any ideas?


Is there a chance that you can get the recorded low and high side pressures from the dealer or the local mechanic? I’m wondering if it’s cutting out due to an excess high side pressure.



Before I could get too deep into this car I would need to know the high and low side pressures.

If the compressor is erratic about engaging a possibility could be the compressor ECU.
Yes, these idiots use a computer to control the compressor relay and this ECU receives inputs from several sources along with being tied into the engine ECM.

The AC wiring schematic alone is 5 pages long.
My daughter has a Galant (artificial reef in the making IMHO) and I’ve had to wrestle her AC several times.

If the pressures are correct and the problem is electrically related, then whoever is doing the service really needs the ALLDATA or factory wiring schematics; badly.

Yes, I have a sour view of Mitsubishi. This Galant is my daughter’s 3rd Mitsu. and at 130k miles has needed, or needs:
One transmission already.
Has had and currently has engine problems, fairly major.
Halfshafts, both sides.
Lower control arms and ball joints.
Rear bearing hub.
Rear steering knuckles.
Sway bar bushings and end links.
Front struts.
Rear struts.
AC compressor. (Blew up)
Blower motor.
Compressor ECU.
Water pump.
Three motor mounts so far; just finished the 3rd.
Exhaust repair.
MAF sensor.
Inner tie rods.
Outer tie rod ends.

I’ll stop here and omit the little stuff but you get the picture.