2011 Chevrolet Malibu - Rusty axles

What is adjuster? also, i took my car to get an alignment and i was told the rear wheel could not be aligned due to axle being rusted. does a rusted axle inhibit a wheel from being aligned? if so, how do i repair it?

Give us some context on the adjuster thing.

Thank you, Gorehamj for responding!

I’m going to be up-front here, i’m a laymen when it comes to knowing my way around cars but i take the time to try and educate myself so i decided to google " rusted rear axle inhibits alignment" and came across the link above. It sounded very similar to the issue my car is having but it didn’t clarify what an adjuster is. Just trying to get a better idea on what rusted part on the rear wheel could be impeding my car from being aligned so that i can tackle that head-on and avoid unnecessary mishaps and be well-prepared, as well as efficient and effective.

The adjusters are eccentric bolts/washers that allow rear camber adjustment.



If you take a car from the salt crusted roads of Western NY where all our cars turn dirty light gray in the winter no matter what color they are to Florida or Georgia, you will find most shops just say “We can’t fix that, it’s too rusted” to repairs that Buffalo mechanics fix every day.

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Very possible, we can’t see how bad the rust is, the shop did.

Those bolts with eccentric washers for alignment adjustment that tester posted rust themselves inside the suspension arm bushings they mount. If they rust enough, it is like welding them in place. You have to beat the out and replace with nice clean new ones if you need an alignment.

What was result of shop visit? No alignment? No cost?

Mustangman - where can i locate the eccentric washers on 2011 Malibu LTZ on the rear wheel? I was able to loosen some bolts on the rear wheel but i am unsure if they are the right ones.

Cavell- the result of my shop visit is that i left and realized soon after that there was very minimal adjustment if any at all. So, i called i told them that i would fix the rusted part and take it back for an alignment for no charge at all.