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2004 Hyundai XG350 - Did son break brakes?

Our son did all brakes including e-brake. Bled brakes. Dash brake light stays on. Brakes work great. What’s wrong

Your son did something incorrectly.

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There is a switch for your parking brake that activates the dash brake light. Make sure that is adjusted correctly. If the adjustment turns the light off that’s good. Otherwise no vehicle should be driven with a red brake light on in the dash.

Is the parking brake engaged?


Fluid. On some vehicles the brake light is dual use. It’ll illuminate if the fluid is low.

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Another possibility: take the cap off the master cylinder. You’ll see a float underneath it - that’s the brake fluid level sensor. Sometimes it gets stuck on its shaft because of gunk, and then it stays down even though fluid is trying to push it up. Work it up and down a few times and see if the light goes away.