Park your Palisade outside, and tell your Telluride to stay away from your garage

… lest you burn your house to the ground:


Fortunately, it applies only to those vehicles with a dealer installed tow hitch.

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It just shows how strange and variable vehicular defects and their “fixes” can be. When Jeeps were recalled because of fire hazards in the event of a rear end collision, the “solution” was to install a tow hitch–even if the Jeep owner never planned on towing anything.

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That’s some “solution”.

Neither of us would understand that solution.
It’s “a Jeep thing”.


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lol … probably that fix was considered by the execs to be the most practical solution. Instructions already tested, parts available. Tech software engineers often install large piece of code into a new product, most of which is never used . Done b/c the small portion of the code which implements the needed function has been thoroughly vetted. Plenty of space, so just put the whole thing in there. Any software code that has been proven to work and error free by years of use is “golden” in tech parlance. On the other hand, introducing a product w/even a few minor software bugs subtracts a lot gold from the corporate coffers.

The lowest-cost solution, even if it wasn’t the best solution.
But, that Jeep problem wasn’t wiring related. It had to do with fracturing of the fuel tank in the event of a rear collision. Installing a (sometimes unwanted) tow hitch was Chrysler’s low-cost solution to that problem.

Reminds me of a young lady I interviewed for a staff accountant job at work. Her skills were good, appearance professional but she told me too many times “I’m a Jeep girl”. I told her it didn’t matter what she drove. She then told me “it’s not just what I drive, it’s how I live”. I told her as long as it doesn’t interfere with work, it doesn’t matter.

I would have asked her if she enjoyed living on the edge of below average. :rofl: Followed by the typical employer, “we’ll let you know”……….NEXT. !

I actually hired her, but she turned out to be a less than stellar performer and I had to let her go.

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It’s a Jeep thing !!

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I suppose that owners of the Telluride or Palisades could pull the fuse themselves.

“Jeep Girl” co-worker friend. She liked adventurous activities, like 4-wheeling her Jeep across decrepit roads & mountain passes I wouldn’t dare (or care to) take my own 4WD truck. In her case, very competent at her job.