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Panic buttons on remotes

Is there any way to disable the panic button on a remote key? I have a Ford Taurus, and I have never used the panic button on purpose. It seems like it’s main function is to wake sleeping babies.

Rose, It’s Kind Of Like Car Insurance Or Air Bags. You Hope You’ll Not Have To Use Them, But You’ve Got Them Just In Case . . .
. . . if you or your car were ever assaulted while you were near your car, that panic button could create enough fuss and draw enough attention to help scare away a bad guy.

Take a thin sheet of acetate or similar material, cut out a section to match the back of your FOB but slightly smaller, apply double backed sticky tape around the edges (leave the button area clear) and stick it onto your remote. Viola! no more inadvertant button pushing…

If your key fob opens up to replace the battery, you could use a little high strength glue to disable the button, but I like TT’s idea better. However, I hope you never regret this decision to disable the panic button for all the reasons CSA mentioned.

The problem I’ve experienced with mine is stuff in my pocket pressing on the button and activating it. There are now on the market flexable plastic “key covers” to protect the heads of these FOBs, and if you can find one to fit your key it might just be enough to prevent accidental button pushing.

Or, you could look for something like a soft plastic luggage tag holder and cut it to fit over the end of the key. Be creative.

You never said what year the Taurus is.
Is it the all-in-one remote & key ?
Or is the remote separate from your key ?

If you truly don’t want the panic feature to work, you can take the remote apart and find where the button makes contact on the circuit board. Then put a small piece of thin tape, like Scotch tape, over the contact area. The button should will look normal and push normally, but it will no longer do anything. This can easily be undone if you want the feature to work again or if you ever sell the car.

Panic button works very well to find your car especially a common one like a Taurus in a sea of cars in a parking lot. I use it a lot with Rentals…