Quiet remote

I have a wonderful 2010 Acura TSX. I am used to using my remote lock beep to find my car when I misplace it in a parking lot. The new remote sound can only be heard when I am within a few feet of the car. Any suggestions on turning up it’d volume. The dealer suggested using the panic button. That’s too loud

If you’re in an outdoor public parking lot, why is the panic button too loud?

The other solution is to remember or write down where you parked.

Gee…what did we do before there were car alarms??? We remembered where we parked. People are relying too much on technology for simple tasks. Just remember where you parked.

You would have to replace the alarm used to tell you where the car is. If you park front-in, you might also pop the trunk. I find that works at more than 50-feet for my Accord. Just be sure you get there first.

Use this.

Cool, I need that to find my keys, cell phone, glasses,…

Buy a parking cone and put it on top when you park…OK. Work on the ‘How I remember where’ part. There are tons of visual clues. Make it a game…If it’s still that important to you, then use the Panic Button.

Some put orange balls on their antennae. Of course, we HAD antennae back then!