2012 Camry fobs

2012 Toyota Camry LE key fobs . I have keyless entry, not smart key. I replaced the battery in one fob and I now have had both fobs apart a couple of times. Lock, unlock, and trunk all work. When either fob is apart, the panic button on the other one works. It is not that I have ever deliberately used the panic button, it just puzzles me, and I have a small nagging feeling that it might cause the battery in the fob or the car go dead.

My 2012 Corolla came with 2 key fob.I use only one, the other kept in a safe place.For the panic botton to work,you need to press it for at least 5 seconds. Could be that your key fob is defective if the battery goes dead all the time.A trip to your Toyota dealer might help on this one.

Not sure what problem you are experiencing based on the description above.
Is the issue that the panic button on either FOB will not work when both FOBS have batteries and are assembled? If you take either one apart and remove the battery, the other FOB panic button will now work? Like they are interfering with each other but only concerning the panic button?

It is a 2012 that I have had since new. This is the first time I have replaced a battery. I took the other key fob apart to make sure I had the first one right. When I have one apart, all 4 functions on the other one work, when I have them assembled, only the panic button dpesn’t work on each fob. If I inadvertently touch the panic button before I snap the case shut the horn bluws but as soon as the cases are both shut, neither panic button works.

I do not like visiting my Toyota dealer ad have not since the 2 year free service was up except to buy oil filters. I only have to talk to the parts guys then and they are OK.

You need to leave your finger on the panic button for 5 seconds for the horn to blow.Are you doing that?

Panic button response was very quick with either fob before I replaced a battery in one fob. I used to accidentally bress it by mistake when trying to open the trunk. I will try 5 seconds though.

A 5 second delay seems a long time for an emergency device.