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Painting a soft top for a 2000 Tracker?

I ordered a new soft top for a 2000 chevy tracker. The car is black and the cheapest replacement soft top i could find was white. I would like to paint it a darker color like a dark blue or dark green. Is this doable? If so, does anyone have any advice for how i should go about it?

The main things i am wondering is what type of paint, how to apply it, use primer…

stuff like that

Soft tops should be dyed, not painted. They are usually made from canvas. A vinyl top can be painted with paint specifically made for that purpose.

Google “dyeing convertible tops”

Yep, dye, not paint. Good luck, it might not come out very even.

i forgot to mention that it is sail canvas, if that makes a difference…

I would check with a good convertible top shop to see if they recommend changing the color. If they say no just live with it because I can not see the top ever looking right as a do it yourself project.

Try this