Paint chip repair

I got hit by another car in my 2002 Subaru Outback last month which damaged the passenger side front fender, wheel, and doors. It came back from the body shop last week. While it drives fine, I noticed that there are paint chips on the edge of the hood where it meets the newly replaced quarter panel. I live in the pacific northwest where road salt is not so much an issue, but my midwestern roots make me nervous and wary of rust. What should I demand the body shop do to rectify the situation. Is touchup paint sufficient? Or should the affected area be sanded, primed and reapainted? Is there another option?I’m sure the chips were sustained from the accident as the driver’s side edge of the hood is in perfect condition.

Bring it back and show them. If the balk, notify your insurance, but I’m sure they’ll amend the collision repair work order to properly correct the damage. That’ll involve sanding and repianting the hodd’s edge. They’ll either blend it or paint the whole hood.

You cannot make the b/shop fix it. If it is related then it could be repaired but most often chips are not created by impact with another car. If you insist, then the insurance company will get the say in if it gets fixed or not.