Paint chip repair

i saw an ad for “dr color chip system” that claims it will repair rock chips and make the car look like new. it cost $39 plus $9 shippine. anybody know if this really works. if it does, it would be worth the money.

I used them on our Mercedes suv and the results were very good. I think I bought the larger kit at $59, but the small kit would have been plenty. Two years latter and the touch up spots look fine.

Note that the end result is not perfect if you are looking up close. But for practical purposes, just walking by the car it is pretty much undetectable because
the paint is beautifully matched to the original.

Also note that the application seems odd… you clean the spot, dab on the paint, then tap the spot with your gloved finger, and then swipe the spot with a soft rag.
Odd, but good results. It goes so fast you’ll do 25 spots in 10 minutes.

I also touched up my back bumper covering 5 or so 3" parallel scratches and the results were also very good.

Highly recommended.

thanks for the response. will have to order it.