Paint Chip Repair Methods

I have just had a positive experience with a paint chip repair kit bought from Dr.ColorChip.

It may be helpful if others chimed in with their own experiences with fixing color chips. The web site offers two or three commercial kits and licenses ($7,500 to $15,000) but they also have three consumer kits at $39, $49, and $59. The differences between the kits are the quantities of the two included products; a paint product, and a blending product. I bought the $59 kit because I thought I might need a full ounce of the paint and the 3 oz of blending formula.

The kit is seemingly expensive, but the results are outstanding, at least on my polar white 2000 Mercedes ML320. In my case I had about 50 tiny chips - most at the front end - and a rear bumper corner that had multiple scrapes after backing into a concrete stanction.

The technique is wash the vehicle, daub on the paint with included micro-applicator, and immediately smear the spot with a rubber gloved (included) hand. Then, after 1 to 20 minutes, rub the spot with the blending product until the smear mark is gone from around the repair. End result is an almost undetectable repair.

My bumper scrapes were not as perfectly fixed, but came in a close second - and far, far, better than it was.

Ordering at the web site, you will need to identify your correct color for your kit.

I’m happy. How do you fix chips?