Dr. Colorchip

Saw an ad on tv for this product, and it looked like it worked really well. But I’ve been fooled by those ads before, so I’d like to hear from anyone who has tried it. I’ve got a door ding in a side panel, and a bumper scratch (plastic bumper). I’d appreciate anyone sharing their experiences. Thanks…

Here is a pretty thorough test and review of the product.


I looked at Whitey’s link and to me it didn’t look any better than the touch up paint from a parts store. I usually use a fine tip brush from the crafts store to apply it, but if I get a chip while away from home and know it immediately and it’s on a metal spot I apply it immediately to prevent rust from starting.

Know too that in any vehicle a few years old exactly matching paint is almost impossible due to normal fading. A paint shop would have a spectral scanner, but even then I don’t think it comes out any closer than just using the manufacturer’s paint code.

Oh, was that a paint ad? I didn’t notice. I was,um, otherwise occupied.