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Packrat and engine

04 and 06 prius same garage made a nest in both and if one in use was his current taxi, went along for the ride until …his chewing got both cars with same symptoms . condition is still drivable but concerned about the insurance and likely outcome could be problematic even if done by dealer. Locating affected areas might be immediate question but other questions about evaluating this type problem/repair?

I set traps and repair the damage,kinda at a loss in regards to the exact question.

I set my traps everyday,but I live in AZ and it is quite a problem,kinda neat to see what you caught overnight.

Thanks I am rather too brief.The story is over now I hope. My concern was 3000$
x2 job and do i expect insurance to cover both cars? When a repair of that amount would almost total or for inacessible design so we have a magnitude 10 problem? Hybrid has a perfect nesting area and so ,Yes caught him live trap in the garage but it is a match of wits, lots of removal stunts tried to no avail, he just went inside under fuse boxes was ready to try fox/bobcat scent

You need to ask your insurance agent this question. Sounds like a simple comprehensive claim to me.

I have posted a possible solution other times for vermin in cars. I live most of the time in rural Mexico. Toxic lizards; scorpions; mice, and other creatures come into houses. I buy ultrasonic repellers, they may have them at Home Depot or Lowe’s, though in the US they seem to be lower powered.

One mouse, found dead hiding under something, since I installed these things several years ago, compared to finding baby mice in my underwear. Less than one scorpion in three months, compared to one a week. Toxic lizards lying dead near the ultrasonic apparatus.

The only problems having to connect every time you park. Also, I do not specifically know packrats can hear the ultrasonics. They do warn against using with hamsters in the house.

Also, may have to put in and take out repeller due to heat in engine compartment.