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Rats and Electrical problems

This is the third time in as many winters.

Count them:




I have tried coyote urine sacks.

Noice makers.


And now Traps!

I am also proping my hood up six inches with a block of wood.

Please keep in mind this is Lower Manhattan, NYC. The car is a lovely 1999,

Chevy Cavalier Z-24 ragtop.

I pay the next door Super $225.00 a month to park the car OUTSIDE behind two locked gates. It is very convienent and a regular outdoor parking blocks away would cost on average about $300. a month! It an Island!

Limited space! And very expensive.

So I will see how the traps and the elevated hood works. They make their nasty nest below and to the left of the battery.

and does it stink. Not to mention cause a potential fire hazard as it is made up of plastic and sprips of paper etc.

I am also putting glue traps in the motor compartment.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Just don’t tell me to move to Arkansas!



How about letting the City in on the problem? or is living with rat’s part of the “Manhattan” experience?